Endectra is commercializing a revolutionary material innovation which enables highly sensitive, rugged, low power, and directional detection of neutron radiation. This is a key element in U.S. national security, multinational anti-terrorism activities, and global prevention of nuclear isotope proliferation because neutrons emitted from illicit nuclear materials are very difficult to shield. Technologies for their detection have been very expensive, constrained by shortages of exotic materials, or unable to scale as needed—until now.

Endectra CBSG detector technology is low cost, highly scalable, and will eventually enable entirely new microdetector form factors ranging from portal monitor tube replacements to next-generation “Internet of Things” radiation sensor networks. In addition to enhancing the capability of today’s handheld and backpack radioisotope identification devices, CBSG technology can scale to support portal monitoring at borders and seaports, is robust enough for down-hole oil and gas exploration, compact and accurate enough for personnel dosimetry, and sufficiently low power to enable distributed sensor networks for seaports, airports, cities, and the battlefield.